Why choose stippling?

For those who don't know, stippling is essentially melting thousands of tiny holes with great precision in your firearms polymer frame or gear which ensures the best grip possible.

Our hands are naturally oily and most, if not all polymer guns won't ensure you to have a 100% positive grip. Stippling will provide you with a positive grip against solvents, sweat, blood, and the weather. It will also lead into better accuracy, better recoil management, being able to grip your firearm against a possible intruder, better competition results and it even looks good while doing so! In my opinion, stippling is essential for law enforcement officers, military and for any serious shooter. That's where our professionals come into play. We make sure our stippling techniques maintain your firearms structural integrity because doing this yourself can very easily lead into you burning or dremeling right through your firearms polymer or having your firearm look like it lost a bet! 

  (A diagram showing a few of our modifications!)

(A diagram showing a few of our modifications!)

*Please visit our Portfolio page for more Stippling projects we have completed!

Stippling Patterns/ Textures we offer...

*NEW* LT Micro DNA, Sigma DNA and Macro DNA- our preferred choice that offers a blend of every want and need. Its comfortable for EDC but also aggressive enough to fight effectively with no questions asked! Pictures are on our portfolio page!

* LT MicroDot- our most aggressive texture which is great for outside the waistband carry OWB so that it's not tearing off your skin :) 
* LT Rock- our medium dot texture (medium-large holes) most commonly for Outside the Waistband Carry or Home defense!
* LT EDC- our very unique modified sprinkle pattern which is very comfortable for EDC!
LT Kryptek- we do our own version of Kryptek's scale pattern which is very popular in our industry! Please visit our Portfolio page, Google or Instagram for examples.
* LT Match- we will get very close to match any pattern/ texture you see and send us.  Please note, that in some cases we will have to charge a small fee for our time to practice your desired pattern that we don't currently offer and also for us to buy/ make custom soldering iron tips. We always give credit where credit is due!